Construction Wireman

Come to the Akron Area Electrical JATC Office to fill out an application. Please note that this is the only application available at the JATC. All other applications are online only.

What is a Construction Wireman?

A Construction Wireman (CW) is a non-registered apprentice with less than 8,000 hours of electrical construction work experience. The typical work of a CW is on residential and light commercial projects. This an excellent opportunity for those seeking the electrical trade or have a few years of experience and want to extend their professional electrical career with the Union. CW can be hired directly by a contractor signatory to the Northern Ohio Recovery Agreement (NORA) or apply at the Akron Area Electrical JATC. All CW applicants must complete an application and be processed by the Akron Area Electrical JATC before employment with a contractor. Failure to register may result in removal from the job site.

  • Earn While You Learn

  • A Career with a Future

  • Excellent Wage Rate

  • State-of-the-Art Training

  • Advancement Opportunities

  • Paid Health Insurance

  • Guaranteed Pension Benefits

  • Pride and Dignity

About the Program

Electrician Apprenticeship Ohio

Applications to be a CW are available at the Akron Area Electrical JATC. Any previous electrical construction work experience must be documented at the time of application. Types of documentation accepted are W-2’s, paystubs, or SIQI forms (available from the Social Security Administration). Once an individual has applied as a CW worker and job placement is available, the JATC will contact the applicant for processing and referral placement.

The classification period assigned to a CW will be based on the experience documented at registration. If documented experience is greater than 8000 hours, the individual will be referred to Local 306 for information about being a Construction Electrician. Individuals with less than 8000 hours of documented experience will be placed at the following classification periods if/when work is available to them:

  • CW1: 0 - 2000 Hours OJT
  • CW2: 2001 - 4000 Hours OJT
  • CW3: 4001 - 6000 Hours OJT
  • CW4: 6001 - 8000 Hours OJT

The period/rate of pay/benefits assigned to an individual is the minimum the contractor must pay the individual. Contractors may choose to pay an individual at a rate higher than established. Please note that CW workers are NOT indentured and MUST be paid journeyman rate on any prevailing wage job.

Advancements to the next pay period are based on hours worked. Though the JATC does its best to keep track of the CW hours for pay increases, it is the individual’s responsibility to inform the JATC of when the next advancement of pay period should take place by supplying supporting documentation in the form of pay stubs.

CW worker has the right to enroll in continue education classes offered by the JATC. The class schedule is available in the Members Tab or if you are a member, the online web services. CW is required to complete OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 within 12 months of being employed. These are the only mandatory courses for employment, but it is highly encouraged that CW take many of the continue education courses available throughout the year. The JATC will host specific training for the construction wireman in addition to the members continue educational courses to expand the knowledge of being in the trade.

CW's are encouraged to apply for an apprenticeship through the JATC's normal application process. If a CW is selected as an apprentice, prior work history and classroom attendance will be evaluated for advanced placement. CW's should be sure to think about the future. If a CW applies and is selected into the apprenticeship program, their future earning, learning, and benefits potential is much higher.

Additional information on being a construction wireman and an apprentice is available at the Akron Area Electrical JATC and this website.

For preparation with the application process and information for future IBEW electrical workers, visit