Construction Wireman

What is a Construction Wireman?

A Construction Wireman is an entry-level position into the Electrical Industry, but is not part of the apprenticeship. A CW is a non-registered individual with less than 8,000 hours of electrical construction work experience. The typical work of a CW is on residential and light commercial projects. This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking the electrical trade and want to extend their professional electrical career with the Union.

About the Program


There is a four period pay scale for Construction Wireman based off the number of hours worked. As you work more hours, your pay will increase. Below is the Construction Wireman Pay Scale as of January 1, 2024.

Pay Period

Hours Worked

Pay Rate













Most CWs start out as a CW1. If you have documented previous experience, you may be able to start at a higher pay rate. To advance in pay rate, you will have to provide the JATC with work documentation such as paystubs (preferred), W-2 forms or SIQI forms. If your documented experience is greater than 8,000 hours, you will be referred to IBEW Local 306 for information about being a Construction Electrician.


Construction Wiremen have the opportunity to take Continuing Education Courses here at the JATC at no cost to them. The schedule for these courses is released twice a year: Fall and Spring. Courses offered include CPR, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, ICRA, Skid Steer, Motor Control, and many more. As a CW, you can register for these courses online or by contacting the JATC via email or phone.

Application Process

Online Application

The Construction Wireman application is only available on our website. This application will ask about previous work experience, education, and training you may have. Don’t be discouraged from applying if you do not have electrical experience. We look at many factors that contribute to the decision of selecting Construction Wireman.


Construction Wireman are selected and hired based solely off of industry need. When our contractors need Construction Wireman, they send us a request form for the number needed for any specific job site. We then go to our list of applicants and hire only the number requested to fill their call.

Contractors may hire Construction Wireman by name meaning that Contractors will do their own recruitment and refer applicants to the JATC. No matter how Construction Wireman are selected, all must apply and go through the pre-employment screening with the Akron JATC to receive any and all benefits that this position provides.

Please note: Any person who is offered a position as a CW will have to submit to a drug screen and background check before receiving an official job assignment.